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Quality data series


SunwayWorld has been focusing on R&D, technology promotion, and technology achievements transformation services of software products, and providing inspection and testing platform and commercial applications based on intensive mining of quality big data for government departments, public institutions, and enterprise customers. The company kept leadership in the market share of CDC/ADC industry, environmental monitoring industry, manufacturing industry, and quality testing/contract testing, and also is China’s flagship in the fields of inspection and testing, as well as quality big data.
Its products include: Inspection and testing management platform, data standard management platform, customer service platform, data exchange service platform, data acquisition and monitoring service platform, data analysis platform, mobile platform, quality management platform, research management platform, and quality big data platform. 
Sunwayworld participates in the formulation of quality-related national standards and is a member unit and drafting unit of the working group of Classification and Codes for Quality and Technology Services and Classification and Codes for Testing Technology Services. The company has a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and independent R&D of core technologies, and has published domestic first laboratory information monograph - Laboratory Information Management System: Principle, Technology, and Implementation Guidance.


Information standardization series

SunwayWorld has carried out independent R&D of data standard management platform suitable for China's enterprise information construction, and formed a set of complete information standardization management integrated platform solutions (6P+2E+Mobile) through multi-industry and multi-field project practices. Up to now, the company has provided information standardization products and services for dozens of large-scale enterprises and institutions; has promoted the application in many industries, such as energy, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, engineering construction, and non-ferrous metals, etc.; and the company occupies the leading position in the field of information standardization management system in China. 
Its products include: Data standard management platform, data lifecycle management platform, data exchange service platform, data quality management platform, data cleansing platform, data analysis platform, verification rule engine, big data analysis engine, mobile platform  solution, and micro services.
SunwayWorld participates in the formulation of national standards and is a member unit and drafting unit of the working group of GB/T 55000 series standards; it is the first master data management platform provider with proprietary intellectual property rights in China, and many other relevant intellectual property rights and core technologies; the company takes the lead in occupying the industry's commanding heights; it has published the domestic premier master data management monograph - Master Data Management Based on the Whole Lifecycle - MDM Detailed Annotation and Practice.



More requirements are put forward for safety, environmental protection, reliability, and durability testing. How to ensure the quality? The standards can be adopted because the standards are the basis of quality. Comrade Xi Jinping once put forward the important assertion that "standards determine the quality, and high quality only can be produced under high standards" during his investigation and survey in Henan.

However, for a long time, the following problems inherently exist in the application of standards in the inspection and testing industry:
 (1) Difficult in querying standards
 (2) Deter in checking the updates
 (3) Mess in standard application
 (4) Tedium in standard learning
In order to solve aforesaid knotty problems, E-standard data service platform is produced accordingly. E-standard breaks the confinement of the fixed working position, and provides a dual application platform of mobile App and PC terminal; the standard is electronically and finely separated to make the standard application more efficient; keeping pace with the times, it provides a variety of intelligent application scenarios and high-quality services for inspection and testing institutions.
 Based on the Company's experience in providing system consultation and information construction services for centrally-administered state-owned conglomerates and institutions, and the long-term accumulation and innovation on cloud-based Internet technology, E-standard data service platform establishes a set of standard application solutions (PC+APP) in combination with reasonable market research, realizing one-stop application of standard resources in all industries. Based on standard data, and with intelligent application as the core and easy to use as the goal, E-standard is dedicated to solving all knotty problems of standard application in the laboratory. 


Cloud-based lab information management platform

With the promotion of the national strategy of "strengthen China through quality" and the gradual improvement of people's quality consciousness, the increasing testing demand leads to the increase in the number of third-party testing companies. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for testing institutions. The bottlenecks and challenges ahead of testing institutions in need satisfaction and self-development are becoming ever more pronounced:

(1) The testing tasks are arduous and the records are complicated and overloaded, but staff is insufficient.
(2) The documentary records of customers are chaotic and customer churn is severe.
(3) Time span of testing process is presumably long, and the management of customers and charges sports in chaos.
(4) The management of archival records is not standardized and it is difficult to inquire the historical data and track the records exceeding the standards.
(5)  Chaotic paper archives and electronic documents are suffering from acute missing, which makes data analysis and harnessment difficult.
(6) Short of timely calibration and maintenance of the instruments, quality accidents tend to happen at a high rate.
(7) The lack of quality management records is serious, and the subsequent evaluation such as CMA and CNAS is difficult.
(8) There is no professional team to manage the computer room and maintain the hardware server.

Testing institutions are hungry for a set of whole-process lightweight laboratory information management platform, which calls for low investment and is easy to use and maintain, when SunwayWorld cloud LIMS is produced.

Based on the company's experience in providing system consultation and information construction services for centrally-administered state-owned conglomerates and institutions, and the long-term accumulation and innovation on cloud-based Internet technology, SunwayWorld cloud LIMS integrates 8 management systems (including inspection and testing business management system, customer management system, subcontract management system, resource management system, quality management system, OA office management system, and data analysis management system) and 1 mobile customer service platform; providing customers with comprehensive integrated management and control solutions to data standard specification definition and usage, basic inspection data and business process management, external customer service and interaction, system integration and multi-heterogeneous system data exchange, instrument interface configuration and online monitoring, data analysis and mining prediction, mobile application approval, tablet field and offline inspection and testing business, etc. as well as providing strong supports for users to comprehensively control relevant inspection and testing businesses.